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What is Income tax Return?

What is Income tax Return?

Income & Expenditure statement which also indicates the financial position
(statement of Assets & Liabilities) at the end of financial year of a person is
call Income Tax Return.
9.10 Who is Assessee?
As per section under 2(7) of Income tax ordinance of 1984 Assessee means a
person by whom any tax or other sum of money payable to government or tax
authority under Income tax ordinance of 1984.

9.11 Computation of Income:
Section 20 of income tax ordinance, 1984 relating to Heads of Income: –
Section 20 of ITO 1984 defines various types of income chargeable to income
tax in seven categories. Subsequent sections 21 to 34 provided details on how
different categories of income shall be calculated and what deductions are
Save as otherwise provided in this Ordinance, all incomes shall, for the purpose
of charge of income tax and computation of total income, be classified and
computed under the following heads of incomes, namely: –
1. Salaries
2. Interest of securities
3. Income from house property
4. Agricultural Income
5. Income from business or profession
6. Capital Gains
7. Income from other sources;
9.12 Concept of income:
The concept of income in the ITO 1984 is an inclusive definition but not
exhaustive. It describes sources of income and prescribes the method of
computation on income but it refrains from saying what is income. It is also
important to note that the word ‘income’ used in ITO 1984 is not limited only
to ‘profit or gains’ and hence in order to consider as income it is not necessary
that it should constitute or provide a profit or gain to the assessee. Under the
definition of Income as provided in section 2(34) of the ITO 1984, income
 any income, receipts, profits, or gains chargeable to tax as per ITO 1984; or
 any amount which is subject to collection or deduction of tax at source as
per ITO 1984; or
 any loss of such income, profits, or gains; or
 any amount on which a tax is imposed; or
 any amount which is treated as income under any provision of ITO 1984
(i.e. section 19).
The illegality of income does not exempt it from tax, the revenue shall not be
concerned with the tainting of the illegality of income or its source.
Any income actual or deemed to accruing or arising or received in Bangladesh
and or any amount on which a tax is imposed are also part of income.
Section 18 of ITO 1984 explains the situation when certain types of income are
considered as income deemed to accrue or arise in Bangladesh.

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