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ST RELIANCE ASSOCIATES “STRA” takes pride to introduce the existence in the area of consultancy in different disciplines inside and outside of Bangladesh. Providing comprehensive range of services to enable our clients to achieve their desired personal and corporate goals. At all-time it is our intention to be seen as providing value for money and to be pro-actively involved in assisting our clients.

ST RELIANCE ASSOCIATES “STRA” works for a broad group of clients: mostly domestic and international companies with local operation, small and medium enterprises, non-government organization and government institutions.

Bangladesh market is shaped by constantly changing operating environment and high degree of regulation at both national and international level. The day to day complicated problems faced by clients require a multi-disciplinary approach. Our professional are specialists in their fields. Our professional strives to add value for the benefits of clients. Their experiences are gained through their affiliation in a wide range of different organization and markets.



ST RELIANCE ASSOCIATES “STRA” is a professional multi-disciplinary consultancy & Advisory Firm providing Accountancy & Taxation (Income Tax, Customs & VAT) Services and all kind of Business Support & corporate affairs Services. The practice is operated by a number of professionals having good interpersonal relationship with different regulatory and compliance authorities through performing services for more than a decade. It is our policy to recruit some good resources by judging them through a process of selection and with a good academic background and sound behavior so that they might be able to meet all the challenges comes forward to them in performing their duties and meeting the requirement of the clients. ST RELIANCE ASSOCIATES “STRA” in Bangladesh offers quality services in the following field.


Even in today’s virtual age, we believe in the impact of a physical presence. That’s why, we have offices in so many cities across Bangladesh. They provide teams on the spot with strong local and regional knowledge, skills, linkages, affiliations and influence.

We operate our offices in all over the Country. Our network has been the fountainhead of many powerful ideas and allows for delivery to be quicker and more accurate.

At the same time, there’s unity in diversity. Collaboration between offices is embedded in our culture.