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Post-registration tasks for different nature of business

Post-registration tasks for different natures of business

(Business Sector Wise)

Depending on the type of your newly registered joint venture, there are some
additional licenses and procedures you need to follow:

5.14.1 Common Licenses & Permission:
 Collect Trade License
 Obtain Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) Certificate
 Regularize Bank Account for the newly registered Joint Venture Company
 Obtain VAT Certificate or BIN Registration (Business Identification

5.14.2 Commercial Purpose Licenses & Permission:
 Import Registration Certificate (In case of Import Business)
 Export Registration Certificate (In case of Export Business)
 Trade Association (TO) Membership
5.14.3 Manufacturing Purpose Licenses & Permission:
 Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
 Land or Floor Lease from Bangladesh Hi-Tec Park Authority
 Factory Licenses
 Fire Licenses
 Environment Licenses
 Drug Licenses
 Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority
 Industrial Import Registration Certificate
 Industrial Export Registration Certificate

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