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Corporate tax Corporate tax. Introduction Every company is required to obtain an e-TIN and register with the VAT authorities to
Tax Clearance Certificate   Every expatriate employed in Bangladesh is required to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate from the concerned
Taxable income   Taxable income is the total income earned from all sources, excluding exempt income. The foreign source income
Individual Personal income tax 9.16.1 Introduction In general, Bangladesh residents are taxed on their worldwide income. Non- residents are taxed
Methods of Accounting   Section 35(3) of ITO 1984 requires every company as defined in the Companies Act 1913 or
Capital gains tax Capital gains tax on the sale of shares of listed companies Capital gain from the transfer of
Reduced tax rates applicable to local authority 25% reduced tax rate will be applicable for following local bodies: WASA (Dhaka,
Reduced rates of Corporate Tax Companies Rate Textile industries (time extended up to 30 June 2022) 15% Jute industries (time
Corporate tax rates The rates of tax applicable to companies, banks, insurance and other financial institutions: Companies Rate Publicly traded
Tax rates applicable for owners of motor car and jeep Tax payable at the time of registration or renewal of